Jared, happy birthday! I love you so much, more than all the words in the world can say!
(From Camila – Paraná, Brazil)

Jared, today and always I wish you all the happiness in the world! I hope you enjoy your special day with your family and everyone you love. Today is also very special for all your fans, we are celebrating the proud to have you as our hero.
(From Fernando Gabriel – São Paulo, Brazil)

Happy birthday Jared! I wish you all the health and happiness of this world. I hope you continue being this beautiful person you are. You gave me so much joy and inspiration in life that I wish I could repay you. Thank you for being part of my life.
(From Aline – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Jared, happy birthday! I wish that all your dreams come true and you might be happier every day. Thank you for being this admirable and wonderful person. We love you.
(From Tathyana Garcia – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)